Tâk un da âk,
Pwo da âk floh,
An da unâl ono,
A pe den kento,
Da hame pe kentitan,
Bêsjeh ahr da glân,
Hahla upsanitan,
Hahla sûh dâhn,
Ih hwan cwa hahla dâhlan.

Fluh Mâtju Vênon.

Înglis Pwotçanç Edit

Walking in the sky,
Into the blue sky,
With the other one,
And I really know,
The man I knew,
Not on the land,
All forgiven,
All very well,
To find what all means.

By Matthew Vernon.

Sçpakpunk klokna Edit

  • "Âk floh" - da vâtvôt sjeh wehj da gah.
  • "Hwan cwa" - da mânaiâc sjeh "hwan det".

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